JOY lifeStories Vol. 2


I hope you enjoy the music... I hope it adds to your day and scratches your brain.  Our songs, I'm Healed, See Me, City Called Tomorrow, When You Smile and the other songs are joyful for me in the writing and performing.  And don't tell anyone but I enjoy listening to them.  Not because it's me (hmmm) but I totally like the music!  Music has been pumping in the background of every step of my life so endeavoring to make music that I personally like and enjoy makes sense, right?

Time is also very important to me.  

"So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom." A powerful verse from the bible.  Whatever one believe about life, who can argue with the thought that whatever else you find life to be; it is certainly short?  It's an incredibly limited commodity.  If nothing tragic occurs, what do we get?  60, 70 years.  With great genes, 100?  Ask a teenager and 35 is ancient.  Talk to a 40 year old and they don't know what happened; they were a teenager a few years ago!

I work to be one of those people squeezing all the meaning, love and joy, etc. out of each day.  I'm also one of those that firmly believe it's possible to enhance this lifetime on earth and even gain a gift of life that last forever.  I don't mind talking about it and I don't mind singing about it either.

Flat out jammin' musicians have participated on this project.  

We all bid you love and contentment.  May Joy register highly in your life measurements!



Featured Tracks from Joy LifeStories Vol. 2

We are eager to debut the music video for our lead single, JOY.  For now;  you can purchase the song and the album now, as a CD or download. See below or click music page.


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